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Tomy | Hide & Squeak Eggs

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Bigger and bolder that ever before, Hide & Squeak® Eggs have been a smash hit with parents and children for a generation.

This new edition has grown in size with eggs that have gone from medium to large!

Our half-dozen heroes still love getting mixed up and sorted again. From six months on, babies will love to engage with these funny-faced eggs.

They’ll discover the brightly coloured chicks hiding inside the shells, with three that go cheep-cheep when they push down, and three that now rattle when they’re shaken.

As children grow older, they’ll discover how the top half of the shells fit with the lower half, then start naming the colours and matching their funny colourful faces to the chicks inside. Mix them up again in an infinite number of combinations, then guess which colour will be hidden inside.

There’s also shape sorting fun as each base fits in its own unique slot in the bottom of the egg box.

There are round pegs, square holes, triangles, stars and more to discover and remember. As they play, little ones will develop fine motor skills, logic, problem solving and vital memory skills.

A clever alternative at Easter for Mums and Dads who’d rather avoid chocolate, Hide & Squeak® Eggs are a welcome addition to the Toomies range all year round, and easy to take with you thanks to the sturdy storage egg box that clicks shut.

No batteries required.

Suitable for children aged 6-36 months and over.