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Tiger Tribe | This is Me | Dream - Reflect - Inspire

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This beautifully illustrated, guided journal is designed to help tweens tune into their feelings, thoughts and actions, then document them in a safe (lockable) place. The activities are designed to promote positivity and self awareness, as well as strengthening writing and communication skills. Helping kids process their thoughts, providing an opportunity to slow down, unplug and pay attention. 

Packed with 38 engaging prompts, thought-provoking questions and self-reflecting activities, This Is Me celebrates all the things that make a person unique. The journal focusses on topics ranging from ‘Who are you?’ and ‘The world around you’, through to Dreams and Reflections, as well as a bunch of boredom busting  activities too. Using the guided tasks and journaling process children come to better understand their abilities, interests and needs. The journey culminates with the creation of a special time capsule to be cherished forever. 
"Journalling is a powerful way to take care of our mental wellbeing.  Research shows that the process of writing things down helps to clear the mind of worries and overwhelming thoughts, to express feelings, to understand and manage emotions and to reflect on experiences.  Journals are also a great place to dream and set goals. This makes journalling particularly useful for kids and tweens, as they often need help to recognise and understand their feelings." - by Georgina Manning (Director of Wellbeing for Kids and a Counsellor and Psychotherapist) 
Each set includes:
  • 38 self guided activities
  • 1 x 6 colour pen
  • 1 x magic highlighter 
  • 1 x pencil
  • 1 x eraser
  • 2 x sheets of stickers
  • 1 x time capsule envelope
  • lockable case
Suitable for ages 8+