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Thinkfun Game | Zingo Boost (Expansion)

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Exciting to now have an expansion for the ever popular Zingo Game !

Zingo! Boost is the perfect way to add even more fun to your Zingo! games. Zingo! Boost comes with an entire new set of tiles and cards and can be used with any Zingo! Zinger.

It's a great way to add new life to your Zingo! games.

Zingo is a super fun card game where you make use of various words that help your kids learn how to use, spell and read various words. The Zingo Zinger dispenses tiles and wordy fun as kids quickly race to be the first one with a full card and yell Zingo.
Please note this is an Expansion ...... you will need a Zingo game to use.

    Zingo has received the following Awards

    Toy of the Year NomineeParents’ Choice Recommended Game