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Tenzi Party Pack

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The colourful dice game that EVERYONE can play!  Great for travel too!

Tenzi party pack allows up to 6 people to play, or 3 people can play Twenzi (with 20 dice)

A great game for building social, communication, fine motor skills, focus, concentration and number recognition.

Tenzi is brings strangers together of all ages! Like they have known each other for years, as they roll their dice, giggle like little children and try to keep control of their dice.

Tenzi comes with about 10 different ways to play, one of the most popular ways is from the start someone decides what number everyone has to roll & collect, and it's then the first person who has rolled and collected that number first has the glory of yelling out "TENZI!" and winning the game.

Includes 60 dice (6 sets of 10) and can be played with 2-6 players, or play on your own to see how many rolls it takes!

PLEASE NOTE - Colour combinations may vary.

Suggested age is 7+ however younger children also love it plus adults!!