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Schleich | Horse Club | Lakeside Riding Centre

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Schleich 42567 | Lakeside Riding Centre

The new Lakeside Riding Centre is the centrepiece of your Horse Club collection! Fully upgraded with TONS of new features! A new, open floorplan provides a spacious play area. The updated modular design means you can rearrange the playset infinite ways for limitless variety. More than 40 accessories for hours of play! The Lakeside Riding Centre is the dream house Horse Club fans have been waiting for!

Yaaaaaawn! Wake up, sleepy head! While you've been snoozing in the loft, other equestrians at Lakeside Riding Centre have been getting time in the saddle. Shimmy down the ladder and hurry to the stalls, where your horse is nibbling hay and waiting patiently. Ooooh, maybe after practicing your saddle gait you could take a trail ride to the Rider Café (playset sold separately) for a slice of fresh-baked apple pie! It's gonna be a fully day at Lakeside!

Another quality play set from the Schleich Horse Club Range

Age Recommendation
5-12 years

22.1 x 4.1 x 14.7 inch

115 Items

Ages: 5-12

WARNING: Small Parts - Not for children under 3 years.