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Schleich | Farm World | Happy Cow Wash

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Schleich 42529 | Happy Cow Wash

Kids will love giving the cows a bath in the Happy Cow Wash playset from schleich®. Just add water to use the fully functional wash station. Comes with two cow figurines, a farmer figurine, and plenty of accessories for kids 3 and up who’ve finished their chores.

It's time to get the cows ready for the fair! Will you help the farmer wash and brush the cows? A warm bath feels so nice –the baby calf loves bath time!

Happy Cow Wash playset is a blue-ribbon addition to the schleich® FARM WORLD collection. This set includes a toy cow and toy calf, a functioning wash station, and other cow care tools found on the farm. The authentic detail that makes schleich® toys famous worldwide is found in each component of the Happy Cow Wash set.

schleich® farm toys for toddlers and kids introduce the endless possibilities of storytelling and imaginative play. From little donkey foal figurines to big barns filled with horses and cows, schleich® FARM WORLD has all the animal figures and farmer figures and sets you need to let your stories run wild!

Ages: 3-8

WARNING: Small Parts - Not for children under 3 years.