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Schleich | Bayala | Rainbow Love Unicorn Stallion

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Schleich 70725 | Rainbow Love Unicorn Stallion 

Sparkle into a magical land of enchantment with the Rainbow Love Unicorn Stallion! This fantasyland creature from BAYALA® has a snow white coat and a glitter-streaked rainbow mane and tail. A shimmering silver horn give this fantastical creature a metallic gleam that's truly one of a kind. Prancing and pawing with each silvery hoof into the playrooms of kids ages 5 and up.

If you’re looking for the end of the rainbow again, our Rainbow Love Unicorn Stallion from the Schleich® BAYALA® world can help.

With his colourful tail and mane, the colourful horse can conjure up signs in the air and guide you. The colourful stallion also enjoys painting mandalas.

Hours of Imaginative play to be had.

Ages: 5-12

5.43 x 1.42 x 4.53 inch

WARNING: Small Parts - Not for children under 3 years.