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Pocket Money Game

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A must for every household! A game that makes them want to SAVE!

Our younger generation need this game! 

Pocket Money is a fun game that teaches children important concepts about money. This game helps children's comprehension around money, as they realise that money doesn't grow on trees, or is not just a card we tap... 

After playing this game children will relate this back to their life, and realise that every cent they spend adds up, as the aim of this game is to SAVE $50. The first one to do so wins the game....

It provides them with opportunities to use coins & notes to purchase items and make change. It introduces the concept that money is earned and exchanged for goods. Be the first to win $50.00.

Each set includes
1 Board Game (502 x 502mm)
70 Coins
12 -  $5 Notes & 12 - $10 Notes,
4 Game Tokens
1 Six-sided Dot Die
Teacher’s Guide