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Plant a Card | Congratulations Lettuce Celebrate

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A Plantable Congratulations Card That Grows Into Lettuce!

When you want to celebrate a special occasion with a card, try something a little bit different.

Plantacards are a wonderful way to extend the lifetime of your card gift, giving the recipient both a beautiful message and a plant to grow after they're finished admiring the card.

Simply follow the enclosed instructions, written to be easy to understand, and plant the card in some healthy soil. Watch as your seedlings blossom into life!

Our 'Congratulations! Lettuce Celebrate' card has seeds from just what you'd think is embedded in it, Lettuce! It's a great gift for anyone in your life celebrating an occasion or milestone, and is especially fitting for any gardeners that you know. They'll love the novelty and ingenuity of the gift idea, and you'll love knowing that you've given them a gift that's a lot more like a journey. From seedling to a full-grown delicious vegetable, this card develops and blossoms into more than the receiver could ever have imagined! 

Made from seed paper (also known as plantable paper and seeded paper), this Plantacard is infused with Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) seeds.

♡ 100% ECO-FRIENDLY🌏 Printed with earth-friendly inks that won’t damage the seeds or the environment
♡ 100% RECYCLED♻️ Produced from only waste paper (& seeds!)
♡ 100% BIODEGRADABLE🌱 Made of materials that will break down over time – the card, envelope, bag, sticker, all of it!
♡ ZERO WASTE🥬 Just some juicy lettuce

Card Size 148mm x 105mm
Blank on the inside and comes with a 100% recycled envelope
Planting instructions included on the back

*Seed performance subject to growing conditions.