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Orchard Toys Game | Dizzy Donkey

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Act out crazy combinations in this fun-filled action and performance game. A fun twist on charades that will have the whole family laughing, you could be a sneezing chicken, a cold astronaut or even a tired penguin!

Collect the most pairs of cards before the donkey reaches the carrot in this high energy action and performance game!

Players take turns to pick two cards, one card that shows an action and another card that shows a character. Once you have your cards it's time to take to the stage and start performing - will you be a 'sneezing chicken', a 'cold astronaut' or even a 'tired penguin'?!

This game is full of exciting twists - turn over a 'spin' card and everyone jumps up and spins around, but turn over a donkey card and everyone must pop up their donkey ears and move the donkey one step closer to the carrot!

Not only is Dizzy Donkey jampacked with fun for all the family, it's also a great way to encourage children to talk about different feelings and emotions.

Suitable for ages 5+


  • 45 cards  
  • 1 playing board
  • 1 dinky playing piece
  • 1 character stand
  • 1 instruction leaflet
  • Encourages Discussion
  • Promotes Imaginative Play
  • Develops Personal and Social Skills
  • 3 Ways to Play3 Ways to Play