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Kaiko Fidgets | Wrist or Ankle Caterpillar

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This is a wearable product however you can use it in the same way as the standard caterpillar. You tie/knot this style to secure it to wrist or ankle. 

Personally I do not find these as effective as our hand or necklace caterpillar fidgets as, once tied (or clipped - see below for optional clips) you need to get the fingers in under the beads too fidget with.  The hand caterpillar can be tied at end then used over wrist, draping the beads into the hand.  We find this more effective as a fidget, but its personal preference and many loves these, which is why they are still in the line up.  Likewise, the necklace is literally on hand to use freely, making it also personally preferred as a tool over these wrist ones. 

The weighted stainless steel beads roll between fingers beautifully. Many rub the cord also. This fidget is super soft in effect.

It is particularly great for those that stim with fabric, Blue Tac rollers or like low sensory input as it glides between the fingers & is very calming. It is small, discreet and quiet. It is a quiet fidget, making it ideal for the workplace, travel or the classroom.

These have been effective for those who:

  • hair twirl or pull
  • suffer with trichotillomania
  • stim with fabric
  • roll Blu-Tac (NOTE : SPEKS range also helpful to replace this also)
  • love squishies and soft sensory input
  • also wonderful for decreasing agitation for those with dementia and anxiety.

Please note they are made using cord that can frey over timesue to friction.  This is wear and tear and cannot be avoided.  The time this takes to occur can depend on how the fidget is used. 

 Materials:   Beads : stainless steel & cord polyester

Not suitable for 3 years and under due to size.