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Kaiko Fidgets | The Haptic Spinner

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This Oil Slick Haptic Spinner from Kaiko is both a visual joy and ticks the boxes for those that like a fidget with resistance & sound.  An ASMR delight!

Crafted from 304 high grade stainless steel, it has dual function.  It spins smoothly OR when the two discs are slid across one another has clicking resistance, created by magnetic resistance.  So much happiness here! 

Comes in a gorgeous window display tin with two spare bearings (small parts) for long term use if parts wear or get lost.  Inside the spinner are small (secured) magnets that create the resistance.  From time to time you ned to check that the central part is secure by tightening the discs. 

Materials : 304 Stainless steel, magnets & high performance bearings.  

Weight: 98 grams

SIZE: Approx. 45mmmm wide x 15mm deep 

Not suitable for 3 years and under due to spall parts. Young children should be supervised.