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Kaiko Fidgets | Rubbing / Worry Stones

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Color: Pink - Rose Quartz

These rubbing stones are made from 100% natural stone, are sleek & simple in design yet impressive in sensory input.  The have a smooth indent in the centre of one side which can be 'massaged' when feeling overwhlemed or anxious.  Can also assist with focus.

Most cradle them between the pointer and middle finger and use the thumb to rub.  Also referred to as worry stones, they are a great pocket size tool that can be carried anywhere.  Applying pressure with the thumb can also be quite grounding.  They are hand machined to create a smooth and polished finish which feels both cool and calming to touch.  

Use this stone to alleviate heightened emotions and overwhelming thoughts. Gently rub the stone in any way that feels most natural & comfortable for you. 

Given they are made from natural stone, no two are identical.  They come in a small felt carry pocket. 

Not suitable for 5 years and under due to choking risk.   Approx size 4cm.