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Cloud b | Sleep Sheep

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Inside this sweet sheep is a secret sleep solution – a sound plush that plays 8 soothing sounds and melodies!

With favorites like a mother's heartbeat and Rockabye Baby, these soothing sounds are scientifically proven to help babies and children go to sleep faster.
Best of all, Sleep Sheep™ can grow with your child and become a calming lovey that helps comfort your child to sleep for years to come.

When bedtime beckons, Sleep Sheep™ easily attaches to any crib by using the hook-and-loop fastener behind its head. With eight soothing sounds and adjustable volume, at the touch of a button your baby will be nodding off in no time at all!

After 23 or 45 minutes (depending on which option you choose), Sleep Sheep™ shuts off to save battery power and to create a quiet environment for deepest sleep.

Night after night and nap after nap, Sleep Sheep™ promotes better sleep for healthier, happier families!