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Bath Bomb | Tiger's Eye Crystal | Coffee & Cinnamon

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Coffee and Cinnamon – All we can say is, stimulate those blood vessels!

The ultimate stimulating bath you will ever try – topped with a gorgeous tiger eye crystal to really infuse your bath with the minerals of the earth!

This bath will moisturise your skin while being 100% natural and just really good for you <3

Our bath bombs are 100% natural and this one has been created using Australian sea salt, coffee grounds (and beans) and pure cinnamon essential oil.

Coffee and Cinnamon are both known too boost your skin circulation due to their caffeine content which will also help your skin glow.

We add organic milk thistle oil to these to moisturise your skin as well – but be aware that they can make the bath a little slippery but your skin will be oh so soft!

Spoil yourself & Enjoy!

Please note the one in the picture is not the exact one you will be sent. But rest assured it will be just as beautiful!