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Thank you for stopping by. We are truly grateful for your support.
Thank you for stopping by. We are truly grateful for your support.

Plant a Card | Wedding

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 A Plantable Wedding Card That Grows Into Swan River Daisy!

Special occasions deserve special souvenirs, and weddings are as special as they come. If you are looking for a unique way to commemorate this momentous occasion, your search ends right here. With our plantable wedding card, you can give your friends and family members a symbolic way to watch their marital lives grow. It will be the perfect, long-lasting reminder to them of the day they embarked on their new lives.

This beautiful card is infused with Swan River Daisy seeds. Once the newlyweds have enjoyed the card, they can follow our simple and easy planting instructions to give themselves a beautiful bunch of daisies. Our cards are 100% eco-friendly, 100% recycled, and 100% compostable. Gone are the days of reading a card and storing it in a drawer until you feel ok tossing it out. With this beautiful plant growing in their gardens or as a houseplant, it will always remind them of where they started and how far they had come.

Made from seed paper (also known as plantable paper and seeded paper), this Plantacard is infused with Swan River Daisy (Brachycome iberidifolia) seeds.

♡ 100% ECO-FRIENDLY🌏 Printed with earth-friendly inks that won’t damage the seeds or the environment
♡ 100% RECYCLED♻️ Produced from only waste paper (& seeds!)
♡ 100% BIODEGRADABLE🌱 Made of materials that will break down over time – the card, envelope, bag, sticker, all of it!
♡ ZERO WASTE🌼 Just beautiful flowers

Card Size 148mm x 105mm
Blank on the inside and comes with a 100% recycled envelope

*Seed performance subject to growing conditions.