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Peaceable Kingdom Game | Bunny Bedtime

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Bunny needs to go to bed, but she needs to go through her bedtime routine first. During this little game, parents and toddlers help Bunny make decisions about her bedtime routine.

Bedtime can be a chore, but this adorable Bunny Bedtime Game is far from it! In fact, this charming make-a-choice game is sure to delight any toddler. To play the simple board game, players roll a large die and help Bunny move closer to bedtime, while also creating Bunny’s bedtime routine. For example, will Bunny brush her teeth with her green toothbrush?

This award-winning game encourages the development of social, emotional, matching, and problem-solving skills.

The Bunny Bedtime Game includes a game board, one wooden Bunny mover, five wooden puzzle pieces, instructions, and a parent guide.

Ideal for toddlers aged 2+ years and can be played by 2+ players at a time.

No reading skills are needed for the enjoyment of this game.