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Orchard Toys Game | Frog Party

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Frog Party is a fun first addition game designed to support children learning to count up to ten. Players race their frogs to the top of their board to win and be the first to join their friends at the frog party!

Spin the double spinner to create two numbers to add together. Children can then use the lily pad counters to add the two numbers by counting, before they progress to the tried and tested number line method of basic addition. The higher the answer to your sum is, the further you can move your frog up your board! Reach the frog party first to win the game.

Each player has their own board in this fun frog-filled game, which develops both counting and addition skills. Both the cards and number lines feature quirky frog characters - from magician frogs to princess frogs - which children will enjoy!

4 lily pad paths (3-piece jigged boards)
4 frog characters
4 character stands
10 lily pad discs
1 double spinner/number line
1 instruction leaflet

2-4 Players

Ages 4+