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Thank you for stopping by. We are truly grateful for your support.
Thank you for stopping by. We are truly grateful for your support.

Listen Up Game

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Listen Up is a unique conversational board game that empowers families, friends, and communities to build stronger relationships, promote vulnerability, and create supportive spaces where everybody feels safe to reach out in their time of need.

Through a diverse range of both fun and deeper, more meaningful questions, Listen Up creates a light-hearted space where people can connect and appreciate the wealth of stories and experiences that make up our communities while building greater respect and empathy in close relationships.

Listen Up is created to help friends and families:
Have the big and important conversations
Share personal stories and reminisce on long-forgotten memories
Express your feelings in a light-hearted and fun atmosphere
Reconnect with family/friends and share loving and heartfelt moments
Improve your listening and communication skills
The game is simple. Each player moves around the board answering personal questions according to the category they land on. Other players can delve deeper into their answers by using GET REAL cards, and make sure to remember their responses to gain extra points at the end!